Seven Benefits to Owning a John Howard Homes

JOHN HOWARD HOMES offers Seven (7) excellent benefits in their presentation of NEW HOMES in the Mobile, Alabama area.  Each of the seven benefits  is at no extra cost to the buyers and are lasting  in the total ownership of a JOHN HOWARD HOME, from the point of sale until the eventual re-sale of the home.

(1) DESIGN:  Total interior and exterior design is a free service, and the buyer is guided by an in-house designer as to what they would like in their new home.  JOHN HOWARD HOMES   offers quite a few speculative homes  on the market at all times, but a custom home with  control of the product design is available, upon request, if you have the time to go through a construction cycle of about 120 days.

 (2) LOCATION:   JOHN HOWARD HOMES keeps many diverse/varied locations available with speculative homes, and ready for custom homes, if you desire, in many excellent neighborhoods in Mobile County.  Each is a stable, valuable land development beneficial to the buyer.

(3) PRICE:   JOHN HOWARD HOMES are very reasonably priced, below the general market, of good value today and in the future.  “The more you compare… the better we look”!  Compare the square footage of the home, the front elevations, the locations, the quality, and the price, and we believe you will settle on a JOHN HOWARD HOME purchase.

(4) QUALITY:   A complete Quality control system is maintained by our in-field Builder staff from lot preparation to the final inspection and closing of the sale.  Proper government inspections are done as needed, the Builder is in daily visual contact with the job, and a professional walk-through is done with a company officer prior to the permanent loan closing, and transfer of title.

(5) SERVICE:   JOHN HOWARD HOMES maintains a full time Customer Service staff to monitor all new sales from their beginnings, through the construction program, if done, and through the permanent loan closing, and then during the proper Warranty time periods.  You deal with a knowledgeable individual all the way through the total process.

(6) VALUE: Historically, JOHN HOWARD HOMES, have held their original value, and appreciated in value into the future.  The company has been a Homebuilder for over forty-five (45) years, with a good reputation, and works on a premise that “You get more home for your dollar, when you Buy, and you get more Dollar for your home, when you Sell”!  This has been a true  for many years now.

 (7) WARRANTY:   A 2-10 Structural Warranty is given at closing, with protection.