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Another bad weather day!

Another day dodging bad weather. Did you have tornado or wind damage from all this bad weather we have been having? And guess what, they say we may have more Tuesday!

Now is the time to check out just exactly what a FORTIFIED HOME means. Take a minute to look at a video of two houses. One house been built the old fashion way and one FORTIFIED. Video . Eye opening isn’t’.

Fortified homes are built to withstand high winds during extreme storm events. The entire house including walls, doors, windows, garage and the roof system is anchored and tied down to the house slab and foundation. Even the roofing shingles are installed for extreme resistance to high winds. If the shingles should be blown off, the underlayment is designed to prevent water from coming into the house. The whole purpose of the certification is to have your home protected in high winds to the extent that you will not have to move out after the storm. If your roof stays on, your house will be safe from water damage.

What is the COST of this system?? There is no additional cost on a John Howard home. All off our homes are built under this inspection and certification. All custom homes are also built to the same standard. Are there other BENEFITS of this system?? In addition to the obvious benefits, you will save lots of money on your HOME INSURANCE PREMIUM. Insurance companies love the insure a fortified home. It can save them many thousands of dollars after a major storm.

In 1988 when Arthur and I moved to Birmingham , Mobiles building codes where nothing like the ones we returned home to this year. A few disastrous hurricanes made everyone see that homes needed to be built able to withstand the kind of strong winds that come so often down here on the coast.

That is why a home built with the certification of being FORTIFIED is worth it’s weight in gold. Your families safety is of the up most importance.

But take time to go on the website , under the product info tab, read the literature. I think you will realize the value of owning a FORTIFIED home.  John Howard Homes are now ALL built with FORTIFIED standards.  Give us a call and we will gladly tell you more about it.