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Dinner at The Howard’s

Betty Howard’s CORN SOUFFLE

This recipe uses FRESH CORN. This is the season to take a trip down to the farmers market and cash in on all those wonderful veggies that we have in our area.

One of the best things about being a member of the Howard Clan is the awesome dinners we have.  This family is stuffed full of gourmet cooks, with the head chef being Betty Howard herself.  Last night with had a real treat.

Geltrude and Filippo Malone ( You remember him.  He was the owner and chef of “The Pillars” on Government Street) joined us for dinner at the Howard Home.  Now just imagine having Betty and Filippo in the kitchen at the same time and great things happen.

So I thought ,on a regular basis, I would start sharing some of Betty’s favorite recipes.  Geltrude even volunteered to give us a few recipes. You guys are in for a real treat. Last night we had prime rib which was amazing, but what I want to share with you was her corn souffle.   The trick is she uses fresh corn, not corn from a can.

Vegetables can make or break a meal as far as I am concerned.  Now Betty is one of those “just dump” cooks, so Geltrude and I had to be on our toes getting the measurements right.  But as every good cook knows, you must taste, taste, taste and then adapt.


   ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS. Give it a try I am sure you will not be disappointed.  It is a little more work than just opening a can of corn, but if you can get the fresh it makes a tremendous difference in the taste.



NOTE: I noticed we did not put on the recipe to put the casserole dish in a pan of water ( a water  bath) when you put it in the oven. Look at the picture and you will see the blue pan it was sitting inside the oven in.