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FIFTY Years in the business. Congratulations to Mr John Howard and company!

JULY 1, 2016 a major milestone for the John Howard Homes company.  John Howard Homes has now been in business for FIFTY years.  FIFTY solid years we have been in the home building business.  Fifty solid years of building new customs homes for the people of Mobile, that is why John Howard Homes is known as Mobile’s Hometown Builder.

This is a milestone few, very few builders in this industry have accomplished.  The economy wiped out so many, many of our builder friends that were great builders. But for reasons beyond their control could not hold on during the drastic swings in the economy.  John Howard did.  John Howard kept his building and development companies going with clever and inventive ways to make it work.  During this time never did he compromise on the quality of construction in his house.  He had the same dedication he has always shown and still shows today.  The buyers that are fortunate and live in a John Howard Home know exactly what I am talking about.  Attention to detail, expert craftsmanship in the construction, highest grade of materials, and one of the more important things that John Howard Homes does is the willingness to listen to his buyer’s requests and concerns.  If they want to make a change, if at all possible he is more than willing to accommodate them.  He is not a cookie cutter production builder.  Your home is your home, there is not 10 more houses down the street just like your house. Cookie cutter builder John Howard Homes is not.

John Howard has spent the last FIFTY years serving the community he every aspect that is thought of.  Mr Howard represented the home building industry from pillar to post.  Two years as National Vice President for Alabama also served on the executive committee for the National Association of Home Builders. Twice named  Outstanding Builder of the Year in Alabama. John Howard Homes was America’s first “Diamond Award” Builder for the 2-10 Home Owners Warranty and remains one of the very few builders in the nation that still qualifies. Fifty  years of quality construction and superior customer service enabled John Howard to become the first builder in the nation to receive this prestigious award.

He is in both the Alabama Building Industry Hall of Fame  and Mobile Housing Hall of Fame.