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 Fortified Home New Fact Sheet

The FORTIFIED PROGRAM is an engineering system designed to make new homes more resistant to damage from hurricanes, tropical storms, hail storms, high winds and wind driven rain associated with thunderstorms. The intent is to have the home habitable after a major storm event. With this system you , your family and your possessions will have a higher level of security and protection. Other major benefits of the FORTIFIED PROGRAM are having much lower insurance rates and increased value of your home.

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Click here for a video of Fortified Home Wind Test

The 2nd video is also on Fortified Home Coastal Storms


Tech Shield Radiant Barrier


LP TechShield sheathing features a thin durable layer of aluminum laminated to our OSB sheathing.  This creates a highly effective radiant barrier.  Which translate into reducing monthly air conditioning bills up to 17%, and in the South that can be a large cost saving feature.

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TechShield Video

Thermostat  Radiant Barrier Sheating


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Thermostat Radiant Barrier-Warranty

2-10 Home Buyers Warranty

Delight, knowing you protected your dream home with the most comprehensive coverage available. At 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty, we are in the business of keeping promises. We understand that keeping promises makes our customers happy. Just ask the 5.5 million homeowners, thousands of home builders, service contractors and real estate professionals that have worked with us over our 35 years in business. We offer the most comprehensive coverage for your home systems and appliances and offer 24/7 customer service. Long Live Happy Homes!

Check out this video put out by 2-10 : What is 2-10?

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Surge D Protector

Surge D Protector protects your home from

  • Voltage surges within the home
  • Lighting surges
  • Utility related surge events

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DSC Security Alarm

 Greater Protection and complete security is offer with this DSC Alarm.

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How to Arm a System: Video


Schlage Lock


Schlage Keyless Touchscreen Locks. One less key, a lot less hassle.

See how the locks work. touch.html

This video shows you how easy it is to program your lock. User Guide
How To Change the Programming Code on Your Schlage Connect Smart Deadbolt