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The Dog Days of Summer

Just what are the “Dog Days of Summer”?

According to Merriam Webster it is the period between early July and early September when the hot sultry weather of summer usually occurs in the northern hemisphere. Also a period of stagnation or inactivity.



How do I define “The Dog Days of Summer” ? Those days that are so desperately hot and muggy that even the dogs don’t want to move. Move over pup I’m laying down with you.

But the original  meaning had nothing to do with dogs, or even the lazy days of summer.  Instead the dog days refer to the dog star, Sirius, and its position in the heavens. The Greeks and Romans believed the “dog days” occurred around the day when Sirius appeared to rise before the sun, in late July.  They felt these days were the hottest time of year, a time that could bring fever , or even catastrophe.

All I know is this is definitely a time of patience, a period of little to no activity , the clock even seems to run slower. Everything moves at a turtle’s pace.  No one ever gets in a hurry or has any extra energy.  Living in the deep south, we are definitely effected by the dog days of summer. We do only what absolutely , positively needs to be done.  Anything else needs to be put back on the calendar.

With our company being in construction it is especially rough.   Our guys are outside in this stifling heat and humidity trying to pour driveways and foundations before afternoon storms hit.  The roofers are on the roof tops , with most days the heat index is well over a 100.  Then we also have the crews working inside … hanging sheet rock, painters trying to paint the walls with that special color, frame carpenters nailing all that  gorgeous crown molding up, cabinets going in kitchen and baths, electricians installing the wiring and then coming back to hang the fixtures. Let’s not forget the plumbers doing their jobs making sure all the pipes are in the exact location. After all is said and done the landscaper dodges the showers and storms to get their grass and plants in. I am sure I have  left off some crews that are out in this heat and humidity doing their work. Our crews are amazing!

Now, all I want to do is fix a glass of tea and sit in front of the air conditioner or under the ceiling fan.  Yes, if you live in the south some type of fan is involved. I’m thankful that our crews continue with their work while I know all they want to do in have a nice quiet afternoon siesta and join my friend here.    Aren’t they precious?  This is my daughter’s pups coming back from a day at the beach.