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Why do you really want to buy a new home?

As we said on our intro page….

John Howard Homes is Mobile’s hometown builders. We specialize in custom homes but we also have an inventory of specs and here’s why; we want to help all those home buyers that want to own a new home, not a pre-own home to be able to find the home of their choice.

We realize that are several different needs that people have that are looking for a new home.

1) Maybe, you want to build your home from from the git go . You want to pick out the lot. You want to pick out your plans . You want to pick out your colors ,your flooring just say you want to pick it all out. That’s a true custom home.
2) Maybe you want a new home , but you’d only like to make a few decisions. Maybe the wall color, maybe the flooring, we could do that for you! Remember we are not cookie cutter builders. Just pick one of our spec homes that is in the beginning stages. Do it now, before all the colors are picked out. The heavy decisions of the perfect lot matched with the perfect plan in the perfect location has been made.

Now come right in and put your own personal stamp on this house of your dreams by picking out wall colors, flooring , tile, the granite for the counter top and even the cabinets. But you have to get the building process in the early stages.
3) Maybe you want a new home , but you just don’t want to make all those decisions. That’s why we have spec houses . Time could be of the essence. You need it now. Maybe your life/job is so demanding that you just don’t have time to invest in the decision process of building a home from scratch. That’s why we have an in house decorator to coordinate that for you.

We have beautiful brand-new homes no one’s ever lived in . No one has ever put a ring around the bathtub, no one has spilled a casseroles in the oven, no one has turned over a glass of Kool-Aid on the carpet, no one has put holes in the walls. No one.

This is what we call a spec home. New never lived in homes ready to move into now. A new home just for you. Check out our specs they are perfect for you. Go to the tab at the top of the page labeled “quick move-in” and you will see wonderful new homes just waiting for you to walk in the door

You need a new home now. You want a new home no one has ever lived in, but you don’t have time to wait for a custom home to be built.

Call Tonyea , she will be glad help assist you with your new home whether it is custom home or spec home. Coming home to a John Howard quality built new home has never been easier. Give Tonyea a call today at 251300-3073. Or if you prefer, email her at